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About oceanBIM

Our mission is to deliver the utmost value to our customers by upholding unwavering commitment to every product and service we provide

What we do

We offer expert consulting services to maximize the effective utilization of BIM (Building Information Modeling) in construction. Our focus is on achieving high-quality project delivery while minimizing costs. We specialize in providing a wide range of BIM services to meet your specific project needs.: Rebar and Formwork detailing drawing.

Efficiently oversee project drawings and related information. Facilitate seamless collaboration among engineers from the initial design phase through project completion, all within a unified platform. Effectively manage and extract data at each stage of the construction process, contributing to the swift and efficient project delivery.

How we do it


We are always at your service, ready to provide timely support

Our time zone differences work to your advantage by enabling us to offer swift support. Should you encounter any issues, do not hesitate to reach out to us right away. We are continually available and prepared to assist


We offer flexibility for changes on demand

We are not a rigid team of engineers. We consistently evaluate and adapt our approach based on client requirements, as long as it contributes to the project's overall benefit


An attractive proposal

What demands your attention is our exceptional offer. We are confident that our prices are highly competitive and unrivaled in the market


Since 2017

We embark from humble beginnings, starting in a modest office space. The cornerstone of our startup’s success is rooted in our boundless creativity. As a collective, we’ve successfully delivered numerous high-quality projects. Our shared zeal for innovative construction design solutions and the latest techniques and technologies sets us apart. Continually, we introduce fresh and efficient solutions, aligning with contemporary trends.

Our headquarters are nestled in Vietnam, a hub that garners global attention due to its engineers’ exceptional skill set. Presently, we’ve fostered partnerships and gained the trust of over seven construction companies hailing from Germany, France, the USA, Sweden, and more. We’ve proudly completed more than 30 diverse projects, spanning the realms of civil engineering and infrastructure


We believe that quality and commitment to work will make us a valuable part of our customers' business.

Our Engineers

oceanBIM boasts a team of 15 highly skilled engineers, each with more than five years of invaluable experience in BIM construction and specialized expertise in rebar and formwork detailing drawings

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is committed to perpetual learning and continual improvement of our management processes. This dedication allows us to cultivate a highly professional team capable of consistently meeting our customers' requirements in the most effective manner possible

Trusted By

Client Testimonials

" I’m very satisfied about your work and I’m interested in working with you again "
Florian S.
“ Good coordinate team to work with. Always available to support ”
Kenny C.


We will tailor our approach based on the project schedule, ensuring seamless and timely project execution. In urgent situations, we are readily available to provide immediate support.

We primarily exchange critical information through email. Additionally, we can adapt to standard communication channels such as Teams, Slack, Skype, and others as required by the project.

At OceanBIM, our team comprises 15 professionals who bring extensive expertise to BIM construction, specializing in construction detailing drawings. Each team member possesses over 5 years of experience in the field, particularly in rebar and formwork drawings.

Our company was founded with a steadfast commitment to upholding business laws and ethical practices. We take great pride in our dedication to delivering products of the highest quality to our clients. Our unwavering aim is to consistently exceed expectations in all that we provide

oceanBIM can issue invoices and accepts payments for all international transactions

The contract is aligned with the legal regulations of our country and oceanBIM’s headquarters. We can initiate the contract process at your convenience.

Contact with us

If you’re in search of a company that offers BIM and Drafting services and are seeking innovative solutions to expand your business, look no further ? Get in touch with us now.


oceanBIM comprises a team of concrete structure experts, bringing extensive experience and a demonstrated capability to deliver top-tier services